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About Purely Pastured farm 

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We are so glad you stopped by!

We are Robert and Maegen Benford. Ryle and Rhett are our little farm hands, along with their side kick Mitzi. Our location might seem a bit attractive to some people, we are about 30 mins north of the white sandy beaches in Foley, Alabama. The beach is not where we spend much of our time. You can find us on the farm growing our animals and making memories with our boys. This is our story of how we became a small family farm and business.


Rob grew up down at those sandy beaches, in a neighborhood surrounded by family. I grew up on a farm, where my parents grow hay and raise cows. We knew once we started to grow our family we wanted a different way of life. God played an immense role in finding our property and shaping up our dreams to have a farm. 

Meal planning was all up to me. As I watched what my children were eating, I began to question where our food was coming from, and more specifically, where our meat comes from. I came across a video of a family processing chickens in their backyard. I showed it to Rob and said, "We can do this!"

As we started to provide for our own family, we wanted to provide for others. We wanted other families to have the same peace of mind about what they are eating. Shortly after that Purely Pastured Farm was born.



life's greatest blessing. a group that dreams, laughs plays and loves together. the most precious gift.

our principals 

Pasture raised chicken; farm chicken; healthy

Pastured Chickens

Our pastured chickens are not just given "access to outdoors", they spend their entire lives outside on grass after two weeks of age. Due to the warm climate of the Alabama Gulf Coast, our farm is able to raise chickens from spring to early winter. Our chickens are housed in mobile pasture shelters in order to protect them from predators like hawks, owls, foxes, and coyotes.


We move our pasture shelters once, sometimes twice a day. This daily rotation, gives the chickens access to fresh grass and new bugs to eat, while their manure fertilizes the pasture. We process all of our chickens on-farm under state exemption. This allows us to retain complete control of product quality and food safety standards.

Pastured Pork

Our pigs spend their days rooting and digging up the soil of their pasture paddocks. Unlike the traditional confinement model the big producers use, we allow our pigs to truly express themselves. Our pigs improve pasture quality by turning over and fertilizing the soil through regular rotation. This rotation eliminates the need for antibiotics and other medications which are heavily used in today's food system.

pasture raised pigs; healthy; farm; pork; sausage; bacon
pasture raised eggs; farm eggs; healthy; eggs; hens; farm fresh eggs

Pastured Eggs

Our happy hens are farm raised on pasture, scratching in the dirt, searching for insects, eating grass, and absorbing daily sunlight, producing a nutritious, delicious egg.  These hens are not just given "access to outdoors", they are free to roam the pasture and live like a chicken was intended to live.  They are supplemented with NON-gmo feed that is also composed of vitamins and minerals needed to produce eggs. 

The hens have an egg mobile (shelter for protection) that is moved to a new location every so often. By moving this shelter throughout our pastures, it helps to fertilize the soil with their manure, growing our grasses for the next animals to graze. 

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