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2022 Price Changes

It would be unfair for us to suddenly increase prices without telling you first.

We are all experiencing the wrath of inflation right now in one way or another. Food, fuel, housing, clothing and many more products are steadily becoming more expensive for consumers, ourselves included. From what I have read there are no signs of prices falling anytime soon.

Transparency is a goal for us which is why we want to explain our increase in prices. Farmers are experiencing higher costs across the board this year.

Fuel: I think the increase in fuel prices are hitting home with everyone right now. Not only do we take care of the animals on the farm but tractor work, hauling livestock, driving to and from our processors adds up. We travel to Mississippi for our feed and to process our pigs. Our side-by-side is used daily for chores and requires fuel as well.

Feed Cost: Feed prices have gone up about 10%, which may not seem like much but we cannot absorb that increase. We knew it was only a matter of time before these prices increased but we received the text with the new numbers last week. We were able to snag feed a few weeks ago that should last us about a month and half but our next trip to Mississippi will be a bit more pricey.

Supplies Cost: With our on the farm processing of the chickens we are responsible for buying the supplies necessary to make that happen. Things involved include vacuum bags, labels, and cleaning supplies, just to name a few. We have seen a slight increase in costs, which has to be factored in on the final packaged product.

We know it is already a bit more expensive to shop with your local family farms versus the big-name grocery stores. That is why we take pride in the quality of our products we provide to you and your family.

These increases will take affect at the end of the month with our next processing of chicken.

From our family to yours,

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