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Benefits of Pasture-Raised Chicken

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Everything benefits when you raise chickens on pasture. The bird. The people. The land.

Do you ever think about where your food is coming from? How was this animal raised? What exactly am I eating? I mean, I really think kids think that chickens have fingers, chicken fingers, when it's actually a tenderloin.

Asking questions is how our journey got started, and I am so glad these questions were asked.

I often wish people would realize how much better their food can be. I feel like I get a little over EXCITED trying to tell people how AWESOME tasting and beneficial our meat is just from how it is raised.

Honestly though I let the meat speak for itself!

So what exactly is pasture-raised chicken? Let me explain!

Pasture-raised chicken is when the chickens are raised on grass throughout most of their lives instead of just being "offered" green grass. These chickens are not confined to indoor coops or buildings like commercial chicken farms.

Happy birds living a happy life.

Ok that's great, they live outside like normal animals, what the big deal?

Well since these chickens are able to scratch around, eat bugs and grass, all while soaking up sunshine and fresh air, its making a healthier bird for me and you to eat. We are reaping the benefits from how these birds are raised.

A few health benefits from pasture-raised chickens include:

  • the meat has 30% less saturated fat, than conventional chicken

  • a lower ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats, which may reduce the risk of cancer & chronic diseases and improve both heart & brain heatlh.

  • the meat contains 50% more Vitamin A, D, & E, which are essential for many systems in our body.

  • 15% more collagen, which can reduce joint pain & repair tissue damages

  • healthier and cleaner chickens lower the risk of food-borne illnesses

Not only are these pasture-raised chickens healthier for us but they also positively impact the soil. By raising these chickens on pasture, the grasses feed the chickens and the chickens in turn feed the grasses.

The chicken's waste products (poop & pee) are like liquid gold for our soil. They help bring our soil back to life, which grows healthier happier grasses for the next animal in line to graze.

The chickens live a BETTER life, which makes a healthier bird for you & me, all while feeding our soil in a powerful way.

Here at Purely Pastured Farm we offer you nothing but nourishing pasture-raised chicken, pork, eggs, and now seasonal turkeys. We know you want the best food for you and your family, and that's why we strive to provide healthy options for you to purchase.

Did you learn something new?! Tell us in the comments below!

From my family to yours,

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