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New to the Farm

We are so excited to be adding MORE chickens to the farm.

Usually when you visit our farm you see the white chickens, aka Cornish Cross broilers. They are our meat birds. Now we have added brown chickens, aka NovoGen Brown Layers. That's right, we will have EGGS.

Last week we received 65, day old NovoGen brown layer chicks to begin the next venture on the farm.

For the first few weeks, maybe even a month (weather depending) they will spend their time in the brooder. They have fresh water and feed where it is warm and ventilated. Also our two cute little farm hands check on them often. Once their time is up in the brooder, their new home will be the pasture, where they will be free to roam, graze, peck at the grass and bugs, the way nature intended them to live.

Benefits from our Hens

Purely Pastured Farm's hens will not only thrive from fresh pasture and new forage, but they will also contribute to our regenerative land management practices. Our pastures will be positively affected by having laying hens.

While the chickens are scratching, foraging, and searching for bugs, they are aerating the ground, which in return promotes ideal conditions for seed germination. Chicken manure is another benefit they will be adding to our pastures. Their manure is an added organic matter that fertilizes the the soil. This germination and fertilization will eventually provide food for the next generation of animals that will be in the pasture.

I am excited to share new egg recipes, tips, and information that we learn through having these pasture raised hens.

We hope these eggs bring as much joy to your family as they will to ours. Knowing these hens were raised on pasture and supplemented with non-GMO feed will provide us with a peace of mind when we feed our family and your family eggs.

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From my family to yours,

Funny side note story:

Our 3 year old, Ryle (rhymes with Kyle), is so excited about these chickens.

He is so ready to hold and collect the eggs and has even created a plan.

His plan (we hear it at least twice a week ) is to: drive his tractor and trailer,

that has a basket in it, to the chicken coop. Collect the eggs. Put the basket &

eggs back in the trailer and bring back home. Then he will put the eggs in the

cartons for our customers to buy! I think that’s a pretty good plan for a 3 year old.

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