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You Want Me to Eat What?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Bone broth! That's right....water that has been simmering for hours with chicken carcasses, chicken feet and necks, & sometimes vegetable scraps. If I have bone broth around my house this is the recipe I used, plus a splash of apple cider vinegar.

The health benefits bone broth offer are SO valuable to our body. It contains many nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids.

Bone broth can help the digestive system. It boosts the immune system and helps fight inflammation. Also it can help improve joint aches & pains. Weight loss! Better sleep regimen! Prevention of osteoarthritis! Maintaining healthy skin!

The list goes on with the different benefits bone broth has to offer. So you get my drift on why everyone should keep it in the fridge!

How to make bone broth

Making the bone broth is actually the easiest part. In the beginning, remembering to use it while cooking is the hard part.

You can use a pot on the stove top or a slow cooker but my favorite to use is the instant pot.

Simply add the ingredients, place the lid on, push the soup button and walk away. That simple!

For my full recipe click the link here.

Another key component of the nutritious broth is to use a variation of bones - chicken feet, pig feet, oxtail, marrow bones, and knuckles.

The apple cider vinegar plays an important role by pulling the valuable nutrients out of the bones and into the water. So don't skip this step! You do not taste it in the broth in the end.

Ways to use bone broth

Bone broth can be used in many different ways. When I am cooking and it calls for water, I think, can I use bone broth and the majority of the time you can!

A few ideas to use the bone broth in are smoothies, gravies, soups and vegetables. We eat a variety of vegetables that call to be cooked in water and I replace it with bone broth.

One important thing to remember is when you make the bone broth you do not add salt. So when you cook with the broth keep that in mind. A lot of the broths bought at the store have an enormous amount of salt added to them.

Now you see how easy bone broth is to make and how beneficial it is for your body. If time is an issue for you and you are not able to make it yourself, our farm offers it. Click here to order your bone broth!

I hope you find this information helpful and happy cooking!

From my family to yours,

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